“Taste and Learn Series” Classes

Programs, Classes & Workshops – including the “Taste and Learn Series”

Organize private classes that fit both your educational needs and schedule. Whether you desire a certification for a private group or are interested in having a custom class designed for you.

These productive lessons are for students of wine who are preparing for or are already in the trade; or wine enthusiasts who do not plan on a career in the wine industry however want to learn.

Contact us for pricing and more information. 

  • Individually designed classes
  • Learn to See, Smell and Taste Wine ·        
  • Explore Wine Production, Wine Regions, Styles, History, Flavor Profiles, Grape Varietals
  • Interpreting Wine Labels and Note taking
  • Decanting, Glassware and Storage
  • Provide solutions through educational programs, training, certification and recognition
  • Seminars, workshops and classes on wine, fine spirits, sake, food pairing and cheese 

     Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours – Includes Syllabus materials, food and accouterments (i.e. bread, cheese) and a narrative on all wine.

Class size:   average 5 – 20 maximum attendees. 

  Contact for Pricing – Priced per hour per person, plus the cost of proposed wines (as approved by host), glassware rental (if not provided by host)